The Black Hand

The Black hand is one of the three main thieves guilds in the docks district of Havenstad. They are comprised mainly of Halflings, though many other races are represented, including Gnomes, Goblins, Orcs and Kobolds.

Though centered around organized crime, the guild is known for its charitable works, and therefore is much beloved by the lower-class residents of the docks and slums. Their prime targets for thieving are the upper and merchant-class residents, whom they feel are taking advantage of the working class denizens.

They are by no means non-violent. The Guild has shed much blood over the years, either with rival thieves guilds or the hired mercenaries and guards of warehouses and wealthy residents. It is the policy of the higher-ups in the guild that no civilian should be hurt, however there have been reports of many “accidents” involving bystanders.

Guild Hierarchy:

  • Principal Hood: Content Not Found: Stig-Roeland
  • Vice-Hood
  • Chief Financial Hood: Content Not Found: Ronen-Lieber
  • Staff Hood: Content Not Found: Jonatan-Bernhard

The Black Hand

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