wild elves

The Wild Elves are the indigenous people of Wildemond. They are primitive, using only simple weapons such as bows, clubs and javelins. They have been known to use deadly poisons, however. Generally they do not attack on sight, though they have been known to raid settlements and caravans.

Each tribe is mostly unique in their customs, but there are a few common threads. Almost all tribes are matriarchal, led by a female shaman or witch. They all worship nature gods, and are proficient in natural magic. They treat the various ruins that inhabit the jungle as holy sites.

Wild Elves are seen as barbaric monsters by the Centaurs, who wish them eradicated from the continent. The Centaur Primarch, Augustin Diego, has a standing offer of ten gold for each Wild Elf scalp collected.

The Gnomish and Halfling guilds are much more tolerent of the jungle-dwellers. They see them as willing trade partners, but avoid the tribes that attack their caravans.

wild elves

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